The 2020/2021 Graduating students of Advanced Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) programme in the Faculty of Science, have shown their dexterity in Science Laboratory Technology through the construction of varying sizes of Smart Multimedia and Graphic Display Boards as part of their group research projects. The Boards which were seen displayed at the Faculty Main Entrance and the entrance of every Department in the Faculty, were purely the initiative of the students and the Course Coordinator, Dr. Bolarinwa  John  Adekoya.

Speaking during the formal presentation         of the Smart Board to the University Management, the Acting Dean of the  Faculty, Prof. Lawrence Adebajo who described the event as “marvellous in sight  and a remarkable one in the history of the Faculty” warmly welcomed the Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Ganiyu Olatunji Olatunde, and his team for their presence inspite of  their busy schedules. A visibly elated Prof. Adebajo appreciated the University  Management  for providing an enabling environment for research to thrive in the   Faculty. Part of the outcome according to the Acting Dean, included the results of  the  multi-disciplinary approach to research being prioritised  in the Faculty.

Dr Bolarinwa John Adekoya explaining the functions of the Multimedia SmartBoard to the Management

The Acting Dean, who was particularly, appreciative of the SLT Programme Coordinator, disclosed that Dr. Bolarinwa Adekoya out of his passion and ingenuity initiated the research work and achieved same with enviable commitment and personal sacrifices. He disclosed that “though the Coordinator is an expert in Space or Ionospheric Physics, his passion and enviable background in formal and informal training in Electrical and Electronics especially during his Bachelor degree days is quite instructive”.

Prof Adebajo, while also acknowledging the other enviable efforts of the members of the Faculty towards its upliftment, informed the Management of how Dr. Rasheed Oladunjoye of the Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology has been nursing, at his personal expense, a rare breed of small mammal called LORIS for the  University. He, therefore, solicited for the support of the Management.

While demonstrating the contents and workings of the smart multimedia and graphics display boards, in company of the students’ Research Group Leader, Mr.  Shedrack Usuwa, Dr. Bolarinwa Adekoya disclosed that two different boards were constructed by the research team comprising the students and himself. He also acknowledged the efforts of the Provost, Post Graduate School, Prof. O.A Lawal who he described as the initiator of research idea during his tenure as the Dean of the Faculty.

Giving an hindsight into the next level of the innovation, Dr Adekoya stressed that the Multimedia Board with synchronous content would soon be constructed with the availability of the required resources. This, he said, would be an improvement over the previous one with distinct features in both indoor and outdoor use. He described the already constructed Smart Multimedia Board as asynchronous multi-vibration system because it has larger capacity than the Graphic Display Board, hence can store information for further use like the playing videos and sequentially displaying events.

(L-R) Ag. Dean, Faculty of Science, Prof. Lawrence Adebajo and the SLT Course Coordinator, Dr. Bolarinwa John Adekoya at the event.

In his response, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ganiyu Olatunji Olatunde who was full of appreciation to the Acting Dean and his team, for not only encouraging the innovative ideas of the students and their Coordinator, but deemed it fit to showcase it through the formal presentation and demonstration of the research projects at this event. A visibly elated Prof. Olatunde could not hide his feeling when he stated that “I am particularly happy that these research breakthroughs are happening under my administration. I, therefore, want to assure you as a faculty that Management would, as matter of policy, reimburse you with the total construction cost of this Smart Multimedia Board and sustain the trend in the entire University”, the Vice-Chancellor declared.

While also congratulating the 2020/2021 graduating students of the Advanced Science Laboratory Technology on the feat, the Vice-Chancellor reassured them of getting the best value for their tuition in terms of quality teaching, research exposure, as well as conducive learning environment. In his words of encouragement to Dr. Bolarinwa Adekoya, who is the man at the centre of the breakthrough, Prof. Olatunde thanked him profusely and reassured him of the Management’s support for his further research work during implementation stage and at maturity.

”To the Coordinator of the Advanced Certificate programme, let me once again congratulate you and thank you for your various sacrifices in promoting research work among the students in particular, and in the Faculty in general. While the students would continue to get the right value for their investment in their education through quality training and conducive learning  environment, you staff researchers would also be enjoying the necessary support from the Management” the Vice-Chancellor stated.

 “I want to make it abundantly clear once again that none of the core mandates of our University would be undermined. Since the like of you and others in the multidisciplinary research work are reputed for the good job, Management would continue to appreciate this by acquiring the outputs and deploying them to various outlets in the University for the purpose it was meant for”, he added.

The high point of the event was the formal presentation of the 3×2 Square Meter Multimedia Smart Board to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ganiyu Olatunji Olatunde. Other dignitaries at the event included the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Prof. Ayodeji Agboola, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), Prof. Charles .O. Adekoya, Registrar, Mr. Femi Ogunwomoju, Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Studies, Prof. Tunde Ogunsanwo among others.