This unit provides administrative supports for all the operations and activities of the Centre.

The day-to-day running of the Centre is vested in the hands of the Director and his team (Head, Part Studies, Head, Pre-Degree Studies, Head, Certificate and Diploma Studies, Centre Secretary, and Centre Accountant).  Units in the Centre are:

  1. Director’s Unit (DRU)
  2. Central Administrative Unit (CAU)
  3. Accounting and Purchasing Unit (APU)
  4. Internal Audit Unit
  5. Guidance and Counseling (G&C)
  6. Health Centre.

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCED) as the overall co-ordinating and facilitating unit for Part-Time, Pre-Degree, Advanced Certificates and Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programmes of the University is under the control of the Management Board, which acts on behalf of the University Senate.