The efficiency of Transport has become a yardstick by which the economic and social development of a country is measured. The transport industry is expanding at a rapid rate and has resulted in an ever-increasing demand for professionals with balanced knowledge of the various aspects of transport planning and management to meet the current challenges and future changes.

The department of Geography and Regional Planning has since 1992 been involved in the training of Graduate Officers who are serving as managers in the diverse sector of the Transport industry. However, the yearnings of those who are interested in taking up a career in the transport industry both at the junior and middle level cadre has not been met by various Transport programmes been run by the Department. It is an attempt at filling this gap that has led to the introduction of the B.Sc. Transport Planning and Management.


B.Sc. (Hons) Transport Planning and Management.
The degree is awarded as First Class Honours; Second Class Honours (Upper Division),
Second Class Honours (Lower Division) or Third Class Honours. Students who fail to meet the requirements for the honours degree may subject to the conditions prescribed below or other condition approved by Senate, be awarded a Pass degree.


The B.Sc. honours degree in Transport Planning and Management is designed to run for four years and three years based on the mode of entry / applicants entry qualification. It is designed to provide students with both theoretical and practical aspects of the fundamentals of transport planning principles and rudiments. This would impact in the students relevant skills required in transport research, education and technological development in the country.


Transport Planning and Management training prior to the establishment of the B.Sc. Degree by the Department have been at the level of graduate studies, of which the department has actually pioneered.
However, modern development and advancement and the complexity of transport related problems have necessitated the training of high-calibre graduates who would be groomed to take up the challenges of planning, formulating of policies and management of the existing transport system in the country.
Thus, the Department of Geography and Regional Planning now offers courses leading to the award of B.Sc. degree in Transport Planning and Management in the Faculty of Social & Management Sciences. The main objectives of the programme is to train students who would be able to:

1. Appreciate existing transport –related problems in Nigeria based on the state of
transport development the world over.

2. Develop and formulate transport policies that could reduce existing transport problems.

3. Fit into any of the major mode of transport – air, water, rail, road and pipeline.

4. Specialise and take up careers in such areas as Air Transport, Water Transport, Rail Transport, Road Transport, Pipeline Transport, Specialised Transport, etc.

5. Some of the graduates are also expected to form the nucleus of experts in the field of transport planning and management through research initiatives at the Postgraduate level.
The department hopes to achieve this by ensuring that students are well grounded and exposed to the scientific and quantitative aspect of the discipline, as well as expose the students to modern computer methods for handling transport information and research.



(a) Candidates must have obtained credits at not more than two sittings in five subjects at the ‘O’ Level/Senior Secondary Certificate or Credit/Merit level passes in Teachers Grade II Examinations. Such credits/merits must include English Language and Mathematics.

(b) Candidate must take English Language, any other three subjects, such as Mathematics, Geography, Economics, Government, Biology, Technical Drawing,etc at the U.M.E. Examinations.

In addition to the requirements stated in (a) above
(a) Candidates must have passed at least two social science subjects in the H.S.C. or G.C.E. A’ Level including Geography or OND in Geography, Town Planning or related subject acceptable to the Department.
(b) N.C.E. with Distinction or credit or merit in Geography and any other social science subjects.

(c) University Diploma in Transport Planning and Management and other University Diploma acceptable to the Department.